Thursday, August 09, 2007

School Days

Courtney doing Math.
Brooke trying to cut.
Coloring the number one.

The Summer went by way to fast. We started school this week. Courtney liked it the first few days. Today she decided that she hates school. Her reason is because it is to much writing. I told her she had many more years of school. I also told her that writing would be the rest of her life. I did let her take a short break to rest her hand, but I don't think that changed her mind. She still don't like school. To be honest..... I don't either. I wish I could think of some fun things to do with school, but it is kind of hard to find fun things when you have all these lessons that have to be done.
I did start using Saxon Math this year. I think I am really going to like it.
Brooke loves school. Of course she only does about 20 minutes or so. LOL I am going over her numbers and letting her do a few fun things. She can count to 12. I am working with her to recognize the numbers. We went over the number one and two and she calls both numbers two. Oh well we have only done school for four days. She will get it.


Amy said...

What a nice looking class room you have! As you know, I wish I could home school! Maybe some day God will bless me with the chance! Our summer vacation just began last week. We don't begin school for four 1/2 weeks (only a 6 week break). I hope you can find a way to inspire your girls!

JeniBeans said...

We will be starting on Monday. And it's a whole new set-up this year. This probably means ALOT more work for me, at least in the beginning. But as long as it's a bit more enjoyable for the kids and it gets done, it will be worth it.

Hang in there Court. It DOES get better. Maybe only because the longer you go the less you have to do.

Alabamabrands said...

Fourth grade is officially the "I hate school" year.
We all thought this summer went WAY too fast and was not refreshing enough- maybe we'll figure out how to change that for next summer.

Melanie said...

Oh yeah! Summer went by so fast, but school starts in september for me :D. And yeah school can be so boring, but she seems a so smart girl and so does Brooke!^^

Melanie from Blossom Memories

mommy24treasures said...

We don't start for another couple of weeks. I am sorry Courtney doens't enjoy it more.

Karen said...

We start in a few weeks. I'm gonna have to look into Saxon math again because your the second person to suggest it recently and I'm not 100% satisfied with the math we've been using.
Hope y'all have a great school year!