Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Long Lost Passey

We have lost almost all of Brooke's passey's. My mom kept Brooke for me on Thursday. I could not find a passey anywhere. Brooke is the type that when she gets sleepy she has to have her shirt and her passey. I explained to her that she would not have it at grandmothers because I could not find it. She did pretty good without it.
That night as we was getting ready for bed I explained to Brooke that is was missing and I could not find it. She said "O.K"
Well it was not o.k. Brooke would not go to sleep. She tossed and turned and got out of the bed. I knew it was because she did not have the passey. I also knew that if she did have the passey that she would be asleep in like 5 minutes. After 25 minutes or so, I decided to look in my purse to see if one was in there. I found it. I go show it to Brooke and she gets so excited. She says "Thank you Jesus. You my best Friend"
I could not help but smile. I said "Brooke did you pray that Jesus would help you find your passey?"
Brooke said "YEP"
Many people may find that funny. It made me happy. Happy because Brooke knows that God answers prayers. It made me happy to know that we are teaching Brooke at a young age that God is real. We are teaching her that God cares about us, and he hears our prayers.
Many people say they are Christians, but yet they live in their sins, and they still do things that are unpleasing to God. I am so glad that we are living right, and that we are teaching our children about God. I know many children don't know God. I kept this little boy one time and we was talking about Jesus. He said "Who is Jesus?" He was four years old.
That made me so sad. This little boy has been in a terrible home life. He has been around parents that cuss, fight, drink, and have no interest in God. I was so sad thinking about this child. When Brooke said what she did the other day I started thinking about how blessed my children are. I am so thankful that I can bring them up in a Christian home. We put God first place in our home. If our children was to hear somebody say a cuss word they would have no idea what they was talking about. In fact my oldest daughter came up to me a couple of months ago and she said "Mom, What does this word mean? So and so said this to me"
I had to quickly explain to Courtney that it was not a nice word and that we don't say it. The word was more of a slain word than a cuss word, but we don't say those either.
Thinking back to that I can be proud that Courtney is nine years old and she has never heard me or her dad cuss. Like I said she would have no clue if she heard anybody say one.
You might be thinking that she hears it on TV. WRONG.....We don't watch TV. In fact we don't even own one. I will not get on that subject. I did not mean to get on any of this. This post was suppose to be about a long lost passey, but I started thinking about what Brooke said and I was so proud of her. Also if Brooke gets hurt, or she don't feel good she wants me or her daddy to pray. I don't care if she bumps her toe on something and it is hurting, Brooke will ask us to pray for it. To me, that is truly awesome that she understands that God answers prayer.


mommy24treasures said...

praise God!

Amy said...

I think its beautiful that she prayed! My kids hear every word in the book, not at home but at school. As you know, I'm not allowed to home school in Germany! I guess we just need to really teach our kids to live in "The World" and still not adopt the values and behavior of this world. I think its much easier for you...but still something we all must do.

Melanie said...

aw she's great!! You're so lucky ^^

KAS said...

I believe it was rather profound and inspiring! It nearly brought tears to my eyes. Amen Brooke!

Laurie said...

Denna, your posts never cess to inspire me!!! Bless your heart! Thank you so much for posting such touching stories! God bless.


P.S. How come Alabama can't be CLOSER to West Virginia???? I'd love to live near you!!