Friday, August 31, 2007

Brooke talking

This is a video of Brooke talking and saying her ABC's. She also said a spider got on her. That is not true. I think she uses her imagination to much sometimes. LOL


Melanie said...

AWWW! That kinda things make ME happy!!! lol! She's the cutest =))
I'll take one of those kisses for me!!!
Lots of hugs

Journey to Lilly! said...

awww how sweet! What a smart girl to already be able to say her ABC'S!
I can't wait to get together the end of this month at the zoo. Connie is coming too! What fun! Is that the last weekend of the month??

Denna said...

Sept 27. Spread to word to the other Birmingham bloggers. We will set a time closer to the time. I am glad Connie is coming. You will really like her. She is a sweetheart.