Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Better Late Than Never

Austin showing his gift.
Happy Boy
Clowning around
Sweet Cousins
My niece and her boyfriend. (cute couple)
Wonderful hugs after 13 weeks apart.
Make a wish. (I bet I know what it was)
Enjoying his gifts
After about 13 weeks my sister was able to see Austin tonight. She went to the school and showed them her paper that she was suppose to have him and they let her have him. It was not a very pretty situation from what I was told. I will not go into that. I am just praying that Austin's dad and mom can try and get along for Austin's sake. It is a very sad situation. Austin was so happy to see his mom. There was tears of joy in everybody's eyes. Austin was hugging us all. Brooke was yelling that Austin was her best cousin. We missed Austin's birthday because his dad would not let any of us have him. We quickly ran to Wal-Mart and bought a cake, ice cream,plates, and balloons. His mom still had his presents sitting on her dresser waiting for him. Me and my parents had our gifts still waiting on him. We had a small party for him. Of course we did not have time to order him a cake because we did not know we was going to get to be with him today. We had to buy a cake that was already made. Austin did not care. He loved the cake, ice cream, and presents. I think he enjoyed seeing everybody again more than anything. He was so full of joy and happiness. My heart just breaks into when I think of what the child has went through. I think when divorce and separation comes, and you have no feelings left for the other person, you should do everything in your power to make the child comfortable. Children are the ones who hurt. I have so thankful that God allowed us to see Austin and celebrate his birthday even if it was over a month late. We love you so much Austin.

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Melanie said...

Happy birthday Austin :):)