Thursday, August 23, 2007


Somebody wanted to know what that means. It means Rolling On The Floor Laughing.
I have did that today. The only thing is this story is one of those where you would have had to been there. I took the girls to McDonald's. Brooke had to potty. I put paper on the potty and then sat Brooke on the potty so she could tinkle. This potty was one that will flush on its own. It has a sensor on it. Well Brooke is sitting on the potty when all of a sudden the potty flushes. Brooke's eyes get as big as saucers, and she has this terrified look on her face. I start laughing and Brooke is even more confused. She slowly turns her head and looks at the back of the potty. By this point her urge to tinkle has left her. I try to explain to her that the potty flushes on its on. I finally got her to potty. As soon as she uses the potty, it flushes again. Brooke gets the same look on her face and she grabs me. She has a death grip on me. I was laughing so hard that I could not talk. I don't know if she will ever use the bathroom again at McDonalds.


Denna said...

Another funny story that I ROTFL.
I will not call any names because they would kill me for posting this. I would love to see Mitchie when she reads this one.
This one person had to go to the bathroom really bad. They hurried and put tons of paper on the commode. They are very particular about germs, so they put tons of paper on the toilet. Right when they started to sit down the toilet sucked all the paper that they had worked so hard to put on, down the toilet.

Lauren and Ed said...

Oh my gosh...the same thing happened to Mia once and she shot straight off the potty. It scared her to death. I am not sure I like all these automatic things!!!

Melanie said...

LOL, poor Brooke haha:P
That second story is also really funny!!!!