Monday, August 27, 2007

Pampered Chef Two

I have had several emails that is interested in placing a order. If I have emailed you and already got your order skip this post.
My consultant told me that anybody can order and it will count toward my order. If you are out of town the shipping will be a little bit more because it will come to you instead of me.
If you are interested you can go to
You have to go to my consultants site NOT Pampered Chef. Once you are there and you find something you want, click place a order. It will ask if this order is for a show. Click yes, and enter my name. Denna Hardin.
Once your order is placed it will ask you if you want special shipping or have it go to host.(which is me) Of course if you live out of town you will click special shipping. The shipping will be a little bit more. Once your ordered is placed the computer will send my consultant a email with your information. I hope I have all this right. If it don't work email me direct and I will see what we can do. Thanks

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