Sunday, July 01, 2007

Chongqing Life

I received my DVD of Brooke's Old city. The video had Brooke's orphanage. I have to say, it was well worth my money. As I started watching the part on the orphanage, my emotions went crazy. It was like being right there. I saw Brooke's nanny in the video. I am so thankful that God blessed us with our little girl. I hate that we missed those first 10 months of her life. This video will allow Brooke to see a little of what her first few months was like.

I also received the pictures that I had ordered. I have to tell you something strange that happened. I showed the pictures to Brooke and ask her if she knew the lady in the picture.( the director) Brooke looked at the picture and she shook her head no. I could tell by her expression that she did not recognize the lady.
I then showed Brooke the picture of the little beds. In the picture it also had several pictures of babies in their walkers. I asked Brooke if she knew where this was? Immediately her face got a smile on it, and she said "That's China mommy. That China." My mouth dropped open and I about fell out of my seat. We don't talk about her days in China very much. She saw some pictures a long time ago of some children from her orphanage and she knew that was China. I can't believe she would remember anything about the place. Maybe there is some things that she has in her mind that is about her days in China. Maybe that is why she is so clingy sometimes. Or maybe that is why she gets scared so easily. I guess I will never know. I am thrilled to have the pictures and the DVD. My guide had sent me pictures of Brooke's finding spot. I always was a little confused because the road name she sent me was different from the information I had received from the orphanage. This video cleared it up. The video said that in early 2005 many road names was changed. The video had the road that Brooke was found on. The guy doing the video said that this road had been changed to Jiaotong. That thrilled me because that is the exact road name that my guide sent me in 2006 and told me that the road name had been changed. Having the pictures of Brooke's finding spot is something I will never forget.


Sophie's Mom said...

How wonderful you were able to get the video and pictures. I recently got the video from my daughter's area (Guangchang, JiangXi) and I'm very happy with it.

Pretty amazing she had a reaction to the pictures, that she remembered. Did you get the pictures from the same place? I didn't realize there were pictures too.

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

That DVD is just priceless! We have one from Katie Lin's SWI and for one second we see KL in the courtyard with her foster mom!!! I have played it over and over. KL doesn't seem to remember any part of it.

CONGRATS on getting yours!


Journey to Lilly! said...

That is so awesome that you were able to get that video!! I would love to get one for my Lilly! Could you tell me where to look? How valuable!!! & for her to remember her China mom lets us know that they don't forget quickly their life in China!! Thanks for sharing this! It will help me much with Lilly!
Blessings to you!