Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A busy Morning

The girls and I had a very busy, fun morning. We went to a Tea Party,to the park, and to a dog show. We did all this in a hour. I guess you might think it was to rushed and we did not get to enjoy it. We had lots of fun. The Tea Party was the best. Brooke even got to bring her first Barbie. We had salad, fruit, little danish cakes, and much more. I served Tea. There was six of us there.Brooke had the giggles. She kept dropping food on the floor. She spilled mine and Courtney's drink a dozen times. Courtney and I laughed. Can you believe we would laugh at Brooke spilling that much tea?
When we went to the park, the guys showed up and it was not as much fun.Courtney got sick when my sweetheart came and gave me a kiss. I sit in his lap, and Courtney said that was gross. Brooke played in the sand. The girls relaxed and the guys played volleyball. That was really funny to watch. The volleyball turned into soccer.
When we went to the dog show, the dogs was real funny. They like to jump on us. Brooke laughed so hard. Can you believe we did all this in one hour? You have to try it sometime. After a hour, of so much fun I decided I needed to sleep. My back has been hurting really bad, and all these fun things we did I had to sit. Believe did not help my back. I can handle the pain, if my girls are having fun. Check out all our pictures of our fun morning.

Sweet Girls
Our Tea Party
At the Dog Show
At the Park. One guy fell from to much ball.
Brooke with her first Barbie. She has one from China, but this is her first that I let her play with. She loves to play with Courtney's Barbie's. It causes a real problem sometimes, so I bought Brooke her own. She loves it.


Lauren and Ed said...

She is so cute! Mia is still not into barbies yet. I loved them as a kid so I hope she likes them soon! :)

LucisMomma said...

I was imagining you all running around in your car! That party sounds like a lot of fun.

I hope your back is feeling better soon.

susan w.

Journey to Lilly! said...

Now that is my kind of tea party!! Too Cute!!!!