Monday, July 09, 2007

A Little Catching Up

Jesse and Courtney at the Mall
Caleb at Chuck E Cheese
Jacob and Courtney at Chuck E Cheese
Talking to Chuckie
Courtney and Jacob clowning.

Caleb being crazy at Ryan's.
The past few weeks have went by so fast. I can not believe I am already buying school books.:(
There is only a few weeks left, before we start school back.
I still have not started Brooke's life book. That was a goal I had this summer, but so far I have not done it.
A few things to mention......... I took Courtney and one of her friend shopping one day. We went to the mall. The girls had a blast. We ate in the mall. Of all the things they wanted to eat, they chose Chinese. I think it was a total waste of money because neither girl ate very much. They had a good time though. I was very tired after a whole day of shopping.
My two nephews, on Kevin's side of the family came to visit us. They stayed here for almost a week. We really enjoyed having them. One night we all played games and they all got into a popcorn battle. My floors was a mess. It was funny though. I have a video if I can ever get it to download. Kevin was in on this one. He was trying to throw popcorn into the mouth of other people. Those that had a big mouth was a easy target. They even had Brooke throwing popcorn. We took them all to Chuck E Cheese one day. They really enjoyed that.
Of course my back has been hurting for several weeks now. Brooke is completely potty trained.
Brooke told me that she would give her passy to the horses. Of course I am still not ready for her to give it to the horses. I know, that is bad of me, but I want her to stay a baby a little bit longer. She is growing up way to fast as it is. The other day she told Courtney to stop doing something. That of course made the girls start to fuss. Brooke looks at Courtney and she says "I AM THE BOSS, Not you." Of course we could not help but laugh at her.
We have been playing games a good bit with my sister. She is still going through a very hard time with her son. It is like a death to all of us. My sister and I have became very close through this. I have shared her pain, her tears, and her sadness. I am only the Aunt, and I feel like I am dying inside. I can not imagine what my sister is going through. I also can not imagine what my sweet nephew is feeling.
Well I guess that is all for now. I will quickly add some pictures.

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Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

We need to meet at CEC again sometime! GREAT PICS!