Friday, July 06, 2007

New Wheels


Kevin bought me a new vehicle. So far I like it. It will be much better at pulling our camper. The gas mileage will not be as good. It rides very nice. I guess this can be mine and Kevin's early Anniversary present.


BONNIE said...

Wow! Is that a trail blazer? I really like those that is nice happy early ann.

BONNIE said...

yes it is a trail blazer when i went back i saw that.very nice.

Alabamabrands said...


Kelly said...

Gee whiz! I go away for a week and you get a new truck! Man! :)

Denna said...

Kelly, not only do you go a way for a week, but your leave two people longing to play a game of tuck. Kevin said he was going to have a talk with you and Chris. You get us hooked and then you leave us.
We have been so desperate to play that we made Courtney play with us and my mom. Courtney did not like it at all. We had to make her play with a good attitude. My sister came to the rescue and played for her. I still need your dads address.
We have got to get together. Mom says it is better than rook. I don't know if I would go that far, but it comes pretty close.
love and miss you,