Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going to Sunday School

Brooke is old enough to go to Sunday School now. She has been going for a few weeks. I kept forgetting to post. Brooke loves Sunday School. I am sure with me being the teacher for her age group makes her like it even better. I really don't know if she would stay if I was not in there with her. She is doing great though. I was worried about how she would do, but she had been GREAT. In fact she listens better than some that has been in there for awhile. Brooke will sing. When story times comes she listens and soaks it all in. Two is a very hard age because their attention span is so short. They don't like to sit still. Many times I just have to pray for God to help me. Sometimes I feel like the children are not listening at all. It makes me feel so good when I ask question and they answer correct. I guess they listen more than we think they do. This one little boy tells his dad what the lessons are about. That makes me feel good, because he pretty much tells exactly what I do. Over all the children are wonderful. I love this age. I have tried to bring a puppet each week. This quarter I have brought a monkey puppet and I made her a purse. I call her Trixie. I will put things in her purse about the lesson that day and the children will pull out what is in the purse. They love it. Example: When we had the lesson on Noah, I put a little hammer, saw, and chisel in Trixie's purse. That lesson was about Noah building the Ark. When the animals went into the ark I put animals in the purse.
The children think it is neat to see Trixie and her purse. When the times comes to put Trixie away the children all start saying "bye Trixie"
Next Quarter I have a Cute horse puppet. I am going to try and make a saddle for him and put things in the saddle. I have to figure out how to make a saddle though. I also don't know what to name this horse. Any Suggestions??
Here are a couple of pictures of Brooke and her class.

First Day of Sunday School.
Enjoying Sunday School


Kelly said...

"Trotter", "Charlie", "Clip-Clop", "Trigger", "Jake"....

Let us know what you end up using! I think the puppet thing is great! Ashey will be in your class in just a few months :)

Lauren and Ed said...

Most beautiful girl in the class!

Alabamabrands said...

Sound like a great class! What a good idea you have.

Your horse will definately need some saddle bags.

mommy24treasures said...

wow just getting that many 2 yr olds to sit down is a miracle! :)
Hmmm... I like Tonya's pony's name. Leo.