Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I need some Tissue

Brooke has really touched my heart tonight. This girl truly is a blessing to us. Brooke wanted me to tell her a story. I asked her what story she wanted. She tried to tell me. I finally figured out that she wanted Noah. Brooke nodded her head and said "yes that she wanted that story"
All of a sudden Brooke gets this VERY serious look on her face and she says "Jesus gave me to my mommy and my daddy."
Brooke said this with the sweetest little voice. Big Tears came to my eyes and I said " Yes, baby Jesus did give you to mommy and daddy."
I felt like I really needed to read Brooke her life book that I made for her. I met my goal and made it, but I have not read it to her yet. I never knew how hard this would be.
I got the book and ask Brooke if she wanted me to read her the book I made for her. Of course she did. She said "You made tat for me"
I stated to read the book and I choked up, and started to cry. I could not help the tears. I am still crying as I type. I got to the part about the nanny's naming the little baby Qian Wen Bo because they thought that was a lovely sounding name. Brooke started laughing. That helped me to go on. I will tell you a little of the book. I can't write it all down, but I will share a few things with you. I wish I could show you the whole book.
I had one page with Brooke's nanny and Brooke in a walker. I also had pictures of her friends in their walkers and a picture of the little beds. On this page I put "Wenbo had special nannies who did their best to care for her. Wen Bo had friends that she played with. She had so many friends that is was hard for the nannies to give her all the attention she needed. Sometimes that made Qian Wen Bo sad. She wanted her diaper changed right then. She wanted her bottle right then.....but she had to wait. It was a lonely time for the baby".
You go to the next page and I have a picture of Jesus, a Angel, and Brooke in her walker. On this page I put "She was not alone. God and His Angels was with her. God looked down from Heaven and saw Qian Wen Bo. He knew that this special child needed for Him to find her a forever family"
The next page has a picture of Kevin, me, and Courtney. This page says " At that moment God heard a couple praying in Alabama. They were asking God to give them a baby to love and care for. The couple had one daughter who was praying for a little sister. God knew that this couple would be good parents for the baby in China. So He spoke softly to their heart and told them "I have just the baby for you. She is in China!!!"
I add several more pages about referral and then I do a page on us and Brooke's grandparents being so proud that this little girl was going to have a family.
I did a page of the sky and a plane and told about us going to China.
I then did Gotcha day pictures. Brooke sat in my lap and was soaking it all in. I was crying and just hoping she did not notice. Brooke said the same thing again in the middle of the story
"Jesus gave me to my mommy and my daddy" I am really needing to cry and I don't want her to see me. I am not crying because I am sad, I am crying because I am so happy that God allowed us to be Brooke's forever family. I am crying because I went through so much during the wait for my sweet girl and it was so worth it. I am crying for Brooke's birth parents who left her and gave me the most precious gift. I rejoice at how good God is. He is so faithful to us.
I ended the book with a picture of all of us in China and this page said
"The couple named the little girl Brooke Danielle Wenbo Hardin, and she named the couple mommy and daddy. God looked down from Heaven and smiled. He said " This is a family I have created in love and it will last forever"


Laurie said...

Denna, you are making me want to cry!!! What a blessing your blog is in my life as we cont. to wait to see what God's plan is for us & our family that we so desperately want, whether that little girl is in China or someplace else........God bless you. Laurie

Melanie said...

Oh, that's really sweet!.What Brooke said was really cute. You're such a lucky family!
I'm Melanie from "Blossom Memories" blog^^ i emailed you back, i'm so glad you asked me and i'll be so glad to fix your pictures.

Alabamabrands said...

pass the tissue this way....

Kelly said...

Can I have them after Heather?

mommy24treasures said...

precious. adoption is a miracle and amazing gift from God. It has forever changed my life...

LucisMomma said...

Denna, that life book is wonderful! I need to work on Luci's and I was going to ask you to post more about your book, so thank you for doing that. If it is all right with you, I might use some of your ideas, tailored to fit Luci. I really had no idea of how to start her book.

Brooke is such a sweetheart. I LOVE what she said!

That photo of both girls in that big chair (Honey I shrunk the kids) is so cute!


Lauren and Ed said...

That is sooooooooooooooooo sweet!

2China4Ayla said...

The book will be a precious gift to Brooke as she grows and reflects on God blessing you with her and her with you.

Tim & Tina said...

*sniff* Thank you for sharing such a wonderful moment. Adoption is such a blessing and I can't wait to someday share our story!
(glad your back is better)