Thursday, July 19, 2007


Different ones have called and ask about my MRI. The results just came in today and the Doctor will not be back in the office until Monday.
My back feels a little better. At night when I lay down it hurts bad. The mornings is sometimes rough. Once I get up and walk around the pain eases. Certain things I do I can feel the pain more.
I don't know if anything will show or not, but I am so ready to feel better.

My grandmother is doing some better. She is still sleeping most of the time.
Thanks for your prayers and concern.


Lauren and Ed said...

Sorry to hear about all of your pain and discomfort. My dad has experienced the exact same thing recently...same kind of pain...had an MRI. His was his cyadic (sp?) nerve. They gave him pain meds. and is doing better. He doesn't need the pain meds anymore, but still has some numbness. Hope you get some relief soon. It is hard to feel like that AND be attentive to a 2 year old!

Alabamabrands said...

I was glad to hear your grandmother was doing a bit better on Wednesday.

I'm praying for a good report on the MRI

Vanessa said...

I hope everything is ok and that you can get some relief... One thing I can sympathize with is back pain. and about the MRI, I had a bad cough when I had mine done and it was awful because I was not allowed to cough when I was having the MRI done. It took more than an hour to complete and the last section of my back they had to do-over because I couldn't hold back that cough. lol It was an awful experience. Only the start though of what I went through last summer.

About you though, I really hope that everything is ok and it will turn out better than you expect! LOve you!!