Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hair Trouble.

Courtney went swimming today. She stayed in the pool for about three hours. Her face got burned really bad. The burn was not as bad as her hair.
I knew when she got out of the water that we was in trouble. Courtney's hair was a HUGE tangled mess. I decided to wash Courtney's hair and put lots of conditioner on it.
When Courtney got out of the shower I knew it was going to be a long night. I started to try and get the tangles out. I was in tears. I knew I would not be able to do it on my own. I was so afraid I was going to have to cut it. I called my mom and ask if she would help me.
I went to my moms house and my mom could not believe her eyes. We started at 6:30. We worked for two hours on Courtney's hair. We had got a lot out, but still had a good bit to go. Courtney was crying. I have been having terrible back pain, and this did not help, because I had to sit in the floor and try to get the knots out. Finally Courtney and I left and went to my Mother-n-laws house so Courtney could play games with my nephews. While they played games I worked on the the rest of Courtney's hair. My dad called and said his friend had some horse detangler that would work. I went and picked that up. It did help some. I was so wore out. I think I finally got thorough about 10:00. I don't know what I would have done without my mom helping me. Three and a half hours I worked on the knots. I now have a aching back, and head. I am going to bed and dream about horse detangler, combs, brushes, picks, conditioner, and long black hair. We tried everything to night, so I guess I will dream about it all.


Alabamabrands said...

This sounds a little crazy but it really works- not fully sure though if courtney's hair is a little to wavy- you'll have to try it-
I do not brush the tangles out when my hair is wet: it makes it break off. Hair is so easy to break when wet.
I let my hair dry first and then pull a brush through. It's amazing, what used to take me an hour to brush through now brushes through with almost NO tangles. I've been doing this for at least four years- it's an amzing secret!

Kelly said...

I'm sure you realize that I understand!

My suggestion would be to ALWAYS put her hair up in a solid bun or tight braids every time she even THINKS of swimming. Be diligent about it like you would ear plugs or nose plugs or sunscreen. Then, don't take her hair down until it's had time to dry a good bit (this works better with braids).

Michaela's hair is in braids all the time (even when she sleeps) for 2 reasons: because of her disability, and because it's too thick and easily tangles. The few times it's been "down" in the past couple years, was only for special occasions (weddings) and for short periods of time. Courtney is no Michaela, but you may want to consider your own version of this until she's older.

It even makes washing it easier. Washing, detangling, and rebraiding only took about 45 minutes yesterday.

Hope this helps!

JeniBeans said...

ARGH! I have similar problems when I shower and wash mine. Next time she goes swimming, braid it for her. That should keep any tangling to a minimum. Also, in the hair care section at Walmart, there is a tub of leave in conditioner that is Shea Butter that I use and it helps me with mine.

I tell you what...NO perms for me ever again. Now everytime I take my hair down from wearing it in a bun it's twisted, like a spiral perm does, but it looks more like dreadlocks. Very hard to comb through hair that is twisted like that.

Sorry it took you so long. Guess you could always try something more greasy like shortening. Though it would take alot of time to wash it all out. Might condition it really well though. =)

mommy24treasures said...

next time before she swims try a good conditioner and don't rinse it all the way out, and keep her hair up while she swims like in a pony tail.
I am sorry for your long night.

baSfsoGp said...

I suppose you'll have to wad it up in a bun and put it in a swim cap next time.

Denna said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have tried putting conditioner in before Courtney swims and it works good. I then put it in a pony tail and then half way down add another pony tail holder. I forgot the conditioner yesterday.
Washing Courtney's hair is much better than it used to be. Last night was unreal. You would have had to saw it, to believed it. I have also tried braiding before she gets in the pool. The problem with that is, I can't get the crazy braid to unbraid because it is so knotted up. Courtney loves water. She swims under water, turns flips in the water, jumps off the ladder, and anything else. I think all that, with her hair just knots it all up. I will try some of the suggestions and see what happens. Thanks,

Journey to Lilly! said...

That has happened to me once & it was not any fun! Bless yours & Courtney's heart!!