Saturday, June 09, 2007

"I'm A Big Girl Now"

Proud Girl

Brooke is doing so good with Potty Training. Since May 28, she has been going to the potty. She tells me when she has to go. I am so proud of her. Brooke is almost two and a half and she is doing great. I still put a diaper on her at night, but I probably could stop that. The other night Brooke woke me up crying. I went to see what was wrong. She said " I have to potty" I said "o.k lets go" I took her to the potty and I did not think she was ever going to stop" She had to go. The next morning she was dry. Most mornings she is dry, but there has been a few that she is not, so I am putting a diaper on her at night for now. When Brooke goes to the potty, she gets so excited. She will get off the potty and tell anybody that is there that she went to the potty. We ate lunch at my parents the other day. Our pastor and his wife also ate. Well Brooke had to potty. As soon as she was through she ran into the kitchen to tell everybody that she had used the potty. She is really doing good. I have got to go buy her some more big girl panties. She wants Barney panties, but poor Barney is just not popular anymore. I can't find them anywhere. Maybe some Princess Panties will work.


Journey to Lilly! said...

Princess panties for a Princess sounds appropriate!! Potty training sounds like it is going great!!

LucisMomma said...

So proud of Brroke!!

Luci's wanting, sort of, to potty train but we've got a big trip coming up and it would be so much easier with her in diapers.

I can commiserate with you on the flooding! We had that happen. Yuck! I hope it's getting better now.

baSfsoGp said...

That was good birthday present for you wasn't it?

Maybe you could find some fabric with Barney pictures and use some of that iron on stuff to iron small pictures onto plain colored panties.

Omaloriann said...

Good job Brooke! We are training Savannah as well - last Sunday during church service I took her potty - she did well, but when we got back into the pew, she had to tell everyone (while there was a quiet spot in the sermon of course) that she went 'potty' then clapped her little hands! Too cute! Needless to say, I was a bit red faced!

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

WONDERFUL BROOKE!!! I don't know if KL will ever stop wearing a pull up to bed....she is ALWAYS wet in the mornings!

Congrats Brooke!!!


Kelly said...

Yeah for Brooke! I can't wait to be diaper free, it will be the first time in six years!

Alabamabrands said...

Sadie's been telling us when she's going lately. I've never had my kids so aware of it at this age.
I'm actually kind of sad about this step b/c it means she's really NOT a baby anymore.