Wednesday, June 27, 2007

First Spend the Night

Brooke had her first spend the night away last night and it about killed me. Brooke has got to where every time my parents leave she will beg to go. Her pleading can really touch you because she will look at you with her eyes, tilt her head, and say "pease."
She then will say "Grandma, you have car seat?" The reason she does that is because my mom would use that as the excuse for her not getting to go. Mom's car seat would never be hooked up or in the car.
Last night Kevin's mom came down to play games. My two nephews are visiting. We all was playing games together. When it came time to go one nephew was staying with us, and the other was going with Nadine. Brooke started saying " I go with you Mamaw" I don't thing Mamaw really wanted her to go. Brooke started saying "Pease, you have car seat Mamaw?"
Of course Mamaw says "how can I say no to that"
I really did not want Brooke to go, but I know I have to let her stay with her grandparents some day. I tried to get Brooke to wait. She said "Pease" I decided to let her go, because I figured when it came time for bed she would cry for us and we could go get her. Nadine only lives about 2 miles from us. Brooke surprised us all. She went and stayed all night. She slept with her Mamaw. I missed her so bad. I got up this morning and went to get Brooke. I walked in, and Brooke was in the floor playing lego's with Jacob. Brooke was not interested in me. It broke my heart that she did not miss me. I told her she had to come home and she said "No mommy. I play with Jacob" Finally after much convincing that she would see Jacob later that day she came with me.


mommy24treasures said...

sounds like Brooke is great attachment wise. She is a secure little girl that has condfidence in her momma's love!
Try to look at it in a postive light in that you have done all the right things. You have given her the roots and wings she needs as Mark Harris's song says. :)

Kelly said...

Awwww, she's growing up!

And you added gray hairs? ;)

Alabamabrands said...

Maybe you can look at it this way: she's got some really great grandparents that she loves- she's fully bonded to them too.
It's really a sweet opportunity she has with them (one my kids just don't have); I'm glad for you both!