Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Update on Olivia

Olivia is doing much better. I truly feel God has heard prayers and he is helping her. Olivia's Aunts call her Drama Queen because she gets so upset and cries over anything. I spoke to one Aunt this morning and she said that Olivia is not crying or being upset. She said she is just looking at them and talking a little. I told Cindy that had to be God helping her.
Cindy ( Olivia's Aunt) said that Olivia's lip are swollen very bad and her eye is totally shut, but the Doctors think that she is doing great. The Doctor don't think their will be scaring. They are even thinking about sending her home this week. God is so good. Even Jamie, ( Olivia's mom is handling this good) Cindy said when they went in to see Olivia after she had been cleaned up that Jamie was so calm and handled it great. Cindy said that her and her sister Connie could not handle it. She had to walk out and cry because she said Olivia looked so bad. The swelling is probably making her look worse. They said that Olivia is having a hard time eating or even getting a straw in her mouth because of her swollen lips.
Olivia talked to her Grandmother and ask her where her doll was at. She wanted a baby alive for Christmas. Her Grandmother and granddaddy went and got her the doll early.
Anyway this is the update I got. I also found out that they was not burning trash. They had started a fire and was sitting around just relaxing. Olivia was going inside and she tripped.


Omaloriann said...

Glad the little one is doing ok. Continuing our prayers for her & the family.

mommy24treasures said...

so glad to hear it.

Tim & Tina said...

Glad she's ok, pryaing for recovery.

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Praise God for the wonderful report!

We will keep them in our prayers!