Sunday, December 09, 2007


These are not in the right order, but it is hard to do with so many pictures.

Putting the heart in.
Giving Noodle a bath.
I think she loves him.
Picking out poodle.
Stuffing Noodle.
Giving Noodle a hug, to make sure he is soft enough.
Making a wish.
Looking at the bag of passey's like she is not sure.
Here is my Passey.
Well Brooke did it, and yes I cried. I think it was worse on me than Brooke. We took Brooke to Build a Bear on Thursday. She was so excited. She wanted to build a Poodle. I told her that she could but that she needed to give her passey's up for the poodle. She said in a very disgusting voice "OOOOOOO.K "
I never dreamed she would really do it. I bagged up several passey's in a little baggy and we went to Build A Bear. Brooke was so excited over her poodle. I took pictures. Of all things when we checked out, I forgot to take one of her holding the bag of passey's. Brooke had a smile on her face until we told her to give the passey's to the man. She dropped her smile and looked sad, but she did it. After she gave them to the man I said "Can we try that again?" I got the bag back and took a picture of Brooke holding them. It did not turn out good, but I did not want to keep on because I was afraid she would change her mind.
Brooke has done good. The first night she did not even ask for the passey. She talked to her poodle and kissed and hugged him. She named him "Noodle" (don't ask me)
The next day she was a little fussy and did ask a couple of times for her passey and shirt. I told her she could have the shirt, but she gave the passey to the guy at Build a Bear.
She has went three nights without it. Yesterday I felt like giving it back to her because she was so ill and she cried forever in town. I knew I could give her a passey and she would be fine and asleep in a few minutes. I did not give in.
The first night without the passey I was rocking her to sleep and I got so teary eyed because I was really sad. It was killing me that my baby did not have her passey. I decided I still have a few years left that I can rock her if she wants rocked.


AlabamaBrands said...

What a great idea!!
I hope Noodle the Poodle helps with the transition!

Kelly said...

Good for you! What a great idea!

Growing pains hurt, huh?

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

That was a wonderful idea!!!