Sunday, December 09, 2007

FWCFC Chirstmas Party

Thursday night we took the girls to the Christmas Party that the FWCC did. We met at a Chinese Restaurant. There was so many people there. There was a Chinese Santa there, that was really funny. We don't teach Brooke that there is a Santa. Both of my girls know that mommy and daddy buy them gifts, not some man in a red suit. I did not think Brooke would sit in Santa's lap, but she did. She wanted that cup of candy real bad. If you ask Brooke what she wants for Christmas she will say "Everything, but not boy stuff." Well when Santa ask her she said that she wanted Melanie to come see her. :(
Brooke don't understand that Mel lives in another country. We was sending Melanie some Christmas things and Brooke got so excited. She kept saying "we going to Melanie's house."
I tried to explain that we was only sending the package. I don't think Brooke ever understood, because she still talks about going to see Melanie.
Back to the party.... The girls had so much fun. Brooke got to see several of her little friends. Courtney never meets a stranger, so she was talking to everybody.
They both got a design painted on their hand and loved that. Courtney ended up having some type of allergic reaction to the paint. Her hand was itching off.
You might have to click the collage to see better. Brooke looks like she is thinking give me my candy so I can get down. LOL
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mommy24treasures said...

sounds fun.
I wish you had let me know I would have loved to have added something to your package for Mel. If you ever send something again please let me know.
I am glad Brooke is doing well without her passey. I am a total sucker. I let each of mine have them until 5. :)

LucisMomma said...

your get-together sounds like it was a lot of fun. Is Courtney's hand better?

I don't think I could make Luci give up her binky (what we call passey). I think you are brave! :)