Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Some Funny Things

We have had a couple of funny things happen around here. Kevin had recieved a gift certificate from work for Carrabbas.
Most gift certificates from Carrabbas also includes Outback Steak house, Cheeburger Cheeburger, and Bone Fish. They are all a chain. Courtney really wanted to go to Out Back, so we decide to go there. Of all things this certificate was different from the others that Kevin has received. Outback said they normally take the cards, but this being a certificate for Carrabbas that it was only good for there. I am so glad we ask before we ordered.
So we decide to go eat at Carrabbas. We have never ate there and we had no idea what we was getting into. It ends up it is a Italian restaurant. Kevin and I are looking at the menu and nothing is really jumping out at us that we want. Kevin is so particular that he was scared to order anything that might have mushrooms, peppers, or onions on it. We both thought it would be safe to have lasagna. The waiter comes to our table and he pours some type of oil and some stuff into a plate. He also brought out a bowl, with cloth napkins all on the top. (there was bread under the napkins, but we did not know) Kevin ask for bread and the man says "oh it is already on the table." He then went on to tell us to dip our bread in the sauce that he mixed up. It taste like a lot of garlic to me. Brooke loved the bread. Kevin and I decided on the Lasagna, so what do we get the kids. Brooke said she wanted Spaghetti. Brooke loves spaghetti, so we knew she would love that. Courtney had really wanted some of Outbacks Chicken Fingers. Well, Outback called
Carrabbas to make sure they sold Chicken fingers. They did, so Courtney was happy.
Courtney always wants to order her food, so she decides to order her chicken. She looks at the waiter and says, "I want the child's chicken finger plate with extra crispy fries." The guy started smiling and says "We don't sale fries here." :( He then went on to say, "We have mashed potatoes, broccoli, and I forget what else. Courtney had the funniest expression on her face. I wish I could of had a camera. She was looking at the waiter like he was crazy. She looked at me like " I can't believe they don't have fries." I was starting to laugh because of her expression.
Courtney chose the potatoes. She hated them. They was full of garlic. I got a salad with my lasagna. I have to say it was the worst salad I have ever had. They must not have ranch dressing either, because they put some kind of vinegar on my salad. The lasagna made up for the salad. It was so good. The bread was also good. I was not real impressed with the place. For the price we paid, I would have thought it would of been better. (Thank goodness for the gift certificate.) Courtney and I decided we will take Outback over Carrabbas, any day. We did get several laughs, and I am sure our poor waiter got many laughs. Especially over the fries.

Another funny thing is, I had our window up yesterday talking to our dogs. Brooke and I was looking at the puppies and talking to them. I was baby talking them and clapping my hands to get their attention. Suddenly I had a ton of bricks fall on my neck. YES, MY NECK. Our window fell out of the track and fell HARD on my neck. Brooke was standing there. I am so thankful that it got me, and not her. It was one of those things that you wish you could of been there to see it happen. It was not funny at the time. Just try to picture this. Brooke and I are leaning out the window and the window comes crashing down on us. We are trapped between the window. The window fell, but one side was still hanging. I am hurting and yelling for Kevin to help us. Brooke is short so she was able to weave her way out. I have to say it was funny, but my neck is so sore.

Last night we also went to Dr. Higganbothens to see his Christmas lights. If any of you locals have not saw them, it is well worth going and walking around. I think it is one of the prettiest Christmas lights I have seen. He has tons of little houses set up, and different scenes inside the houses. It is beautiful. When we told the girls about Dr. Higganbothens place, Brooke started laughing and laughing. She went around saying we going to Dr. HigganBOTTOMS. We have also laughed at her, for her silly imagination.

Brooke has got where she talks all the time. You should hear her singing jingle bells. She will say Jingle bells, Barny smells like pinto Beans. Beans is said so country that it is hilarious. Kevin asked Brooke where she got her vocabulary from, and Brooke says "uh, Wal Mart."


AlabamaBrands said...

I LOVE CARRABBAS!! It's one of my favorites. It's way too expensive though so Matt and I have only been a couple times.
Every time I order the scallops though- because they were just so good I'm afraid I'd be disappointed with something else.

AlabamaBrands said...

I can't believe about your window!! So glad you're ok!