Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Olivia is Home

Welcome Home Sign
Devin, (Olivia's brother) Brooke and Courtney holding signs up.
Finally Home
Brooke and Courtney giving Olivia stuffed animals. Olivia did not want anybody to see her.
Inside the house, with a very tired Olivia.

Olivia came home today. Several of us went to her house to welcome her home. Channel 19 news was there. You can go to their site and see the story on Olivia coming home. (homecoming of three year old burn victim)

Olivia is doing well.
Any of you locals that want to give money to help with the expensive, there has been a account set up at Peoples bank. Olivia was very shy when she first got home. She did not want people to look at her face. I was so emotional just seeing that she did make it home. I know this could have been so much worse. I know that God heard prayers.


baSfsoGp said...

I know we all prayed much for Olivia. Thank the Lord that she is doing so well.

I'd like to think I could do as well talking in a TV interview as Jamie did. Thanks for the link.

Melanie said...

I'm so glad Olivia is home, I hope she gets better soon, she's such a cute girl. I'm going to watch that video of TV later.
I love the video of brooke at Build a bear :):)

LucisMomma said...

So thankful that Olivia is home!

susan w

LucisMomma said...

I just saw the video--she is beautiful.

So thankful that she's home.

susan w.

Jeff and Sonya Hodge said...

Thanks for the link! We have been praying for Olivia.


Mom To Six said...

Praise God! Indeed a Christmas miracle. Thank you, Jesus!