Thursday, March 15, 2007

When it rains it Pours.

You don't really think about the statement "When it rains it pours", until things are not the best. It seems like that is so true for me lately. My MIL had a knee replacement and she has been at our house for the past week. I am not for sure how much longer she will be here. It has not been bad, just very tiring. She has not been able to do much for herself. She is trying hard to do what she can.
Anyway, the past week has been a little stressful, just because it has been so different. I have not done school the way it needs to be done. I just have not had the time to do it. I am the type that if I know somebody is coming to visit, I want my house is perfect shape. You can not do that with children. I have cooked, washed more clothes, and dishes the past week than I think I have done in years. I have tried to keep things in decent shape, because I knew my Mother-n-law's friends would be coming to visit. Some of our friends fixed supper a couple of nights for us, so that was a great help.
I have been having terrible pain in my wrist and finger. I have tried not to complain much, because I don't want my MIL to worry about bothering me. If she needs something I want her to tell me without worrying about my hand. Honestly, I have had to hold tears back when I would move my hand a certain way, because of the pain. I went to my regular Doctor, Tuesday. She sent me to another Doctor yesterday. The results are........ I have carpal tunnel, tendinitis, and a cyst on my finger. :( The Doctor wants me to wear a brace on my hand at night and as much as possible in the day. He also wants me to go to therapy two times a week. I can't do that. I am to busy to go for that. I will wear the brace and see what happens. I spent $50.00 for them to tell me this. Thank the Lord for insurance. At least we did not have to pay it all.
On top of all this, My washing machine quit working. Now is not the time for it to quit working. Now is not the time for my hand to act up.
Brooke has not been sleeping the best. She had shots, and did pretty good after that first night. Courtney has been sleeping on a blow up mattress in Brooke's room. I don't know if the sound of Courtney turning over wakes her up, or what. She ended up in my bed, and it just don't work out. I mean this child can't be still. If it is just me and her in the bed, it is O.K. I can scoot her further from me and I don't get hit when she moves. When we have went through sleep issues before, we would let her cry for a little bit. Most of the time she would go back to sleep. I don't want her to wake my MIL up, so I can't let her cry. I know my MIL will be glad to be back to normal. I had to take her to the Doctor yesterday. They said things looked good. Of course she has a long way to go, but she will get there. I guess that is all for now. I finally got a few minutes to update.


Alabamabrands said...

I'm sorry!

I know how you feel with company... seems like I just go, go go and never sit when my in-laws are in.

And I'm sorry about your washer. I depend on mine; I can't hardly live without it.

I've had carpal tunnel, too. It's not fun!
I'll be praying for you!!

Kelly said...

Aw, De, I'm so sorry you've had a rough week or so...:(

I SO wish I could help you out in some way! The best thing I know to do is pray, and so I will definately be praying for you to see the sun shining again.

And, really, I would LOVE for you to drop some laundry off here! I'll do it for you! Let me help! Anytime you need, ok?

Hang in there friend :)

Karen said...

I'm sorry it was such a tough week. Hopefully, it will all be over soon and this week is better.
Our dishwasher went out several weeks ago and I finally got a new one last week. Boy, do I appreciate my dishwasher!
Praying that it all gets better.