Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Praying Brooke

How Sweet.

Brooke loves to pray. Sometimes we can't understand her. It is so good that God understands us. God know exactly what we are saying and meaning.
We could not help but laugh at Brooke. Brooke hears us pray for our food, but I don't know if she understands why we are praying. The other day Brooke's food was very hot. I told her it was to hot, to wait a few minutes. The moment I said that she bowed her head and said. " something and then said Amen" She has done this several times when her food is hot. I guess she thinks we are praying that God will cool the food. Courtney did the same thing when she was younger. We think it is sweet.


Karen said...

Very sweet!

Tina H said...

Thanks for sharing such special moments. The girls are so precious. I hope to someday be as great of a mom as you are to your little ladies.