Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Brooke had her two year check up yesterday. She had to have shots, and she did not like that. She also had to have her toe stuck for a test. I felt so sorry for her. She was so happy and jumping around, until the shots. She cried and cried.
The Doctor said Brooke was doing GREAT. She is 75% on her height, and 10% on her weight. The Doctor said " She is skinny and tall." The area Brooke is from, the woman are very tall and skinny. The Doctor also said she should be putting two words together. We had to laugh. She is putting tons of words together.
Brooke has always had side effects from her shots. Last night after we got home Brooke could not walk. She would scream when she tried to put her leg down. She cried and screamed for a long time. I knew she was in terrible pain because she would hold the leg up that she got the shot in. She also said her "toesie" was hurting her. We tried to throw the ball so she would go get it, but she refused to walk. Kevin prayed and ask God to help Brooke with the pain. I was able to give her a warm bath. After the bath she did walk a little. She went to sleep and slept all night. Today she has just been laying in the floor or sleeping. I will be glad when shot days are over. My mother -in-Law is suppose to be coming to our house tomorrow. I hope Brooke is over all this by then. Normally Brooke will run a fever for days and be ill as a hornet. I really don't need that right now. My MIL had a knee replacement, so she is not walking either. She will be at our house for awhile. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.


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Karen said...

Awww poor thing... I dread when the kiddos have to get shots.

Journey to Lilly! said...

awww... I'm still afraid of shots. Poor thing! good thing it is over quick & soon forgotten! :)