Thursday, March 01, 2007

A few Sentences

Brooke has been talking for awhile now. She has been saying sentences very well. In fact she pretty much says anything you tell her to say. She has been saying small sentences for months now. She is saying long sentences now. I can't even keep up with all she says.
Here is a few of the things she says.
"Get out of my way, SISSY."
"let go of my ____" (arm, doll, shoe, toy, shirt, or anything she wants.)
"My eye hurts real bad, momma"
"I want to go outside"
"I want my crocs on"
"Wheres my crocs at Momma?"
" I hungy momma" ( I love to hear her say that. She don't say hungry. She says Hungy) When she said that for the first time, I got a little teary eyed. I am not for sure why. Many things was going through my mind. I was glad she could tell me that she was hungry. I think the thing that made me cry happy tears, is I always said once Brooke was home she would never have to be hungry again. So many times as I waited for her, I would think about what she was doing. I would wander if she was hungry or cold. I prayed every day for God to protect her. When she told me she was hungry the other day, I thought, I am so thankful that she is home with us and that she can eat anytime she is hungry. I am not sure she got to eat anytime she was hungry, when was in the orphanage.
"I sleepy Momma"
"I thirsty Momma"
"Get up Daddy"
"That's peanuts sissy"
"That scared me to death, sissy"
"I want more ______ momma" (cereal, peanuts, what ever she wants)
As you can see, Brooke is talking so much. There is so much more she says. I love to hear her little voice. For those of you wondering. "YES" she is a little country girl. She says "Y'all"

Her conversation yesterday.
Brooke "Mom"
Me "What Brooke?"
Brooke " I pooped"
Me "Brooke, if you can tell me that you can use the potty"
We have been working on the potty, but we are getting no where. Hopefully it will not be to long.


mommy24treasures said...

wow she can talk up a storm! Caitlyn just now started putting maye 2 words instead of 1 word. She did recently learn hungy and it is so nice to know when she wants something to eat. I love to hear her say hey ma-ma She says it with a french accent, I have no idea why:)

Journey to Lilly! said...

Ohhh that is so sweet. I think about my Lilly all the time.. if she is lonely, hungry, confused??? She will be 2 May 2nd & she is not talking at all yet. I cannot wait to hold her & talk to her. Your girls are just precious!