Sunday, March 04, 2007

Decatur FWCC

We have some cute kidos.
Brooke and Katie Lin
I think this is the first picture I have ever saw of KL not smiling. I call KL Miss Smiley, because she is always smiling in the picture's on her moms blog. I tried to get a closer picture of these two together, but this is the best I could do. Brooke was wanting me, so I could not get a good picture with her and her friends.
I think this is a Chinese yo yo.
Brooke and Grace, looking at something.
Brooke getting her money from her RED envelope.

We met our Decatur Yahoo Group at Golden Phonix. We had a nice time. Our friends Denise, Bill, and Anna met us there. They are in the process of adopting from China. Courtney adores their daughter Anna. They play so well together.
We enjoyed meeting the new families. There was three families who just got home in the last 5 months. It is so GREAT to see more children finding their forever families. It is also great to see Decatur have so many Chinese Children in the area. I think they will all be great friends.


mommy24treasures said...

looks like you had a wonderful time!

Hodge said...

I have got to get some of my CNY pics on my blog!!! I am so behind!

Next time just tell Katie Lin to show you her teeth!!! You WILL get a HUGE smile!!! ;)