Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Book worms

Brooke and her Mamaw.
Brooke is really listening.
Courtney reading to Brooke.
Two Bookworms.

I thought these was some sweet pictures. Courtney has became a BIG bookworm. She really started showing a interest in reading this year. She will finish one book and start on another. She loves Mary Kate and Ashley Mystery's. Brooke has always loved books. Brooke is happier when you read to her, than when she just looks at the book. You can tell in the last picture, that she don't seem as interested in the book as the first three. We noticed the girls reading, so of course we had to grab the camera.
Brooke has also enjoyed her Ma maw being in our home. She has read Brooke so many books. Brooke is always going up to her, saying "Read me, Ma maw" Sometime we just have to say Brooke let Ma maw rest for a little bit.


LaLa said...

What sweet pictures. I love a good book and hope I am raising a bookworm too : )

Karen said...

Such precious pictures! I love reading to our kids and they love reading to me.

Hodge said...

VERY VERY VERY sweet pictures!!!