Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Yesterday, the girls fixed a cake for their daddy. I have pictures of them mixing the batter. I fixed lasagna for supper. Kevin loves lasagna. I got my camera out to take pictures of the girls singing happy birthday to their daddy and my batteries was dead in the camera. I put more batteries in and they was also dead. I got Courtney's camera, and her batteries was also dead. I told Kevin it was just not meant to have pictures of his special day. He did not want pictures, because he had just woke up.
Kevin's employees gave him a party last night at work. The girls and I was going, but we changed our mind at the last minute. I was so tired. I also did not want to drive in the rain. I knew it would be late when we got home, so we decided not to go.
Instead Courtney, Brooke, and I played dolls. After dolls, Courtney and I played a few games of Monopoly junior. Brooke wanted to play, but she is to little. I gave her some of the houses to play with and that made her happy.
The rest of my week is pretty busy. Today, Tomorrow, and Friday we have to have our vehicles in the shop. Kevin's trucks gas gage is messed up. He ran out of gas the other day. That is the first time he has ever did that.
We have to take the Durango in for them to add a hitch and then do some warranty work. We have a full week ahead. I also have got to start packing for campmeeting. We are leaving on Tuesday. I was kind of dreading going just because of different things that we have been through lately. My sister court date is Monday, and that has really stressed me out. I have also had a really hard time with homeschooling the past two weeks. It has not went that well, so I was dreading going out of town. Then I started thinking about getting to see the different saints from other congregations, and I started thinking about how much I needed campmeeting, and I am ready to go. (Of course I have to pack) Sometimes our bodies and minds get tired from everyday problems, and when you go to campmeeting your soul gets fed and you get lifted up so much. I really think I need this campmeeting.
For now I must go. Courtney and Brooke are both saying that need help. (Little Brooke is saying she needs help with her numbers. LOL) Funny

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Melanie said...

Oh i didnt see that post before LOL. Too bad you couldnt take pictures, it would have been nice to see them!!!
Aw Brooke needs help with the numbers! One day I have to teach her the numbers in spanish LOL.