Monday, September 24, 2007


Brooke and her little Friend Caden.
Libby and Brooke pretending to have a Tea Party.

To Cute.

I think Brooke had a good time. I think she would have had a better time if she would have not been stuck to me so much. I loved the meeting, but I have to say Brooke wore me out.
I had left Brooke with my Mother-n-law the day that my grandmother was so bad. When I saw my grandmother getting worse I decided I need to stay with my mom and the family. I called home and checked on Brooke. She was doing good, but she was asking for me. When my grandmother passed away the family still stayed for several hours until the funeral people came. I called home and ask my MIL to let Brooke spend the night. She said that was fine, that she was doing O.K. Well as soon as we hung up Brooke was screaming for me. My MIL did not want to call me because my grandmother had just passed away. I found out later that Brooke cried for almost a hour. She cried so much that she finally went to sleep. She would not let my MIL comfort her or rock her. My MIL said that Brooke would lay in the floor and cry and say momma. I did not know any of this until 2:00 in the morning, when Brooke woke up crying for me and my MIL called and said I might need to come get her. When I picked Brooke up her hair was matted together where she had cried so much and got tears and snot in her hair. Brooke clung to me and has not let me go very much since. I think seeing everybody crying at the funeral did not help matters. Leaving Brooke for 12 hours was to much on her and it really messed her up. The whole trip she did not want anybody but me. That made it hard because I was so tired anyway. If Kevin tried to comfort her she wanted no part. Kevin tried to help by taking Brooke to eat or to potty, and she would scream, "I want my momma" During the services she wanted me to hold her. Waiting in the line for food she wanted me to hold her. I have to say I don't know when I will be able to leave her again. You can not imagine what I went through this past week with Brooke. I had to ride in the back seat with her the whole way and the whole way home. Once on the way from the church to our hotel my MIL rode back there and Brooke cried and pitched a terrible fit. She was screaming that she wanted her momma to sit by her.
Brooke also stopped calling me mommy this week. She calls me MOMMA, and she says it really fast. She also calls her daddy DADDA, and says it really fast. It is cute. I have some funny things to tell you that Brooke said, but I can't remember them right now. I have them wrote down. One thing she kept saying was " I want to go to my real home." She wanted to come to our house with her babies. She was tired of the Hotel, so she kept saying her Real home.
Well that is all for now, I have to start school.


Melanie said...

Love those pictures. I love her hair, it's getting long, It looks so shiny and healthy!
Aw, poor Brooke. I guess that must make you so tired. Hope she has got better now!!!
Loving those pictures LOL

Lauren and Ed said...

Sorry to hear you had such a tough time. Just remember, Brooke is still so young and separation will get easier with time. Anything out of a toddler's normal routine can upset them (adopted or not). Try and get some rest...better days ahead!