Monday, September 24, 2007

Sweet Pictures

Brooke pulling her Dora bag, that had her toys and books in it.
I think the backpack is as big as she is.



Melanie said...

i LOVE the second picture!!!
Might seems weird, but I just noticed she has so beautiful eyes.
Oh she likes Dora!! Once i saw those BIG Dora stickers if I see them again i'll buy them for Brooke. We don't have that many Dora things here...
LOL, oh you know I saw this China baby doll...It had a chinese outfit and if you took away the passey it would start laughing!!!
I wanted it for myself LOL (my mom thinks I'm a bit crazy)
I guess Brooke would love that:)
Oh and thanks for the picture, You know how much i love seeing the pictures of my little one!

mommy24treasures said...

sweet pics. Caitlyn can be clingy to Danny the way Brooke was with you at the meeting. I can't peel her off of him sometimes.