Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pet Rescue

I posted awhile back about me and my neighbor doing a pet rescue. Somebody dropped a black cat, and it made my house and Kari's house its home. The cat had kittens, but she had them under our other neighbors house. Kari and I got the kittens and moved them to Kari's house. Well mommy kitty, moved the kittens back to our neighbors house. I am sure it was not a easy job because she had a good little way to carry the kittens.
Kari asked our neighbor if we could leave the kittens until they was a little older.
After 4 weeks we made the rescue again. The three kittens are now in my garage, and my husband is about to flip. He don't like it at all. I told him that it would only be two more weeks and we could give them away. :)
Kevin still don't like the idea at all. The kittens are beautiful. I think they are some of the prettiest kittens I have ever seen. Considering they have not had any human contact for four weeks, they are very sweet. They are fluffy little cuddle bugs. If any of you locals want one let me know. I wish I did not love animals so much. Kevin wanted me to put them back where mommy kitty had them. I am like then we will have three wild cats running around and then they will have kittens and we will have a street full of Cats. I am VERY allergic to cats. I can't have them inside my house. I have sneezed a great bit this afternoon. Hopefully we will find good homes for them soon.


Carla said...

*not looking....not looking*

Melanie said...

The kittens are adorable!

Family said...

AWWWWW!!!!! Like Carla said,"not looking.....not looking."

Lisa said...

They are precious! We have two. So I can't have one. ;(

Name: The Bryant Family said...

Just in case you have a hard time finding homes - and I don't know how you could b/c they are SO cute - I wanted to let you know that the Huntsville Humane Society is now a no-kill shelter and they have a very nice kitty room! They might know of a spay and release program for the mama kitty.