Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fun Friday

Mommy and Brooke playing.
Mommy and Brooke time.
Erica and Courtney

Brooke washing the dishes.
Brooke and I fixed lunch for Erica and Courtney.
Enjoying the lunch that Brooke made.

Yesterday Erica came down to play with Courtney. Brooke was sad and wanted a friend. I felt sorry for her. She kept wanting me to play with her. I did, even though I did not feel the best in the world. I had a Doctor's appointment because my throat and head still felt so bad.
I put a smile on and played with Brooke for probably a hour. She loved it. We cooked, washed dishes, fed our teddy bears, and cooked lunch for Erica and Courtney. Of course we took some time for some pictures. We had a nice time. In fact I felt some better when I got through playing. I did go to the Doctor for a strep test. The test was negative. My throat was blood red. They don't really know what is going on. My Doctor did guess work and put me on antibiotics and said to come back next week if I was not better.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.


mommy24treasures said...

how sweet:)
Hope you feel better soon.

Kris T said...

I like Erica's purple hair :D

Oatsvall Team said...

amazing pictures ...your girls are beautiful ... hope you are feeling better now ... thanks for your sweet words ...

Melanie said...

love the pictures! I'm sorry to say this but Brooke looks like 5 in the first picture!!!
Love that picture of you and Brooke, you'll have to send it to me :)
Will be sending you an email today, Tomorrow i'm going to the hotel until monday. Hugs