Saturday, August 23, 2008

Brooke saw the Jonas Brothers

I went to town and was pushing Brooke in the buggy. Suddenly Brooke yells very loud, "Mom there is the Jonas Brothers." When I say yelled, I mean yelled. (VERY LOUD)
I am looking around to see who she is talking about and who must look like the Jonas Brothers. Of course others that heard are looking to see where the Jonas Brothers are at also.
Brooke did see them.......but they was on a magazine. :)
I started laughing. I have a three year old that is a Jonas Brother fan. Oh my, What am I going to do? I think she likes them because her sister does.


Courtney said...

Wow I have taught Brooke well, mom. I am Jonas Brother Crazy. Oh mom, by the way Awesome picture. Especially of Joe.

Michelle said...

Hi Denna!

Oh, that is too cute! Yes...your daughter has taught her well. : )

Thanks for your nice words about our quilt and actually you can collect squares and do a quilt would just have to let your fiends and family know about it so they can send you a square or join a quilt square swap.

Have a wonderful week-end!!!

JinXiu said...

Emilee also loves the Jonas brothers. Its too funny. She especially loves High School musical.. We were in Toys-R-Us and I wanted to get her a baby doll and she says no, I want a High School Musical mmicrophone. I think she has seen the movie more than 100 times. I used to like it now, I never want to see it again

LucisMomma said...

LOL!! Courtney, those are some pretty cute boys!

Denna--Bryan wrote a fan letter to Shawn Johnson, the US girl who won gold on balance beam in the Olympics. I hope she sends an autograph.