Monday, August 25, 2008

Better and a brag Moment

This is going on the fourth week that I have not felt well. The antibiotics finally started working and this junk is hopefully leaving me. I am so ready to feel good. I have not had much energy at all for almost 4 weeks. The past 4 days or so I had headaches so bad that I would have to go to bed with a heating pad on my head. I was not getting much relief.
I have not been able to sleep well. Yesterday was a terrible morning to wake up. My head was killing me. I did not think I would be able to make it to church. I felt I had to press. I did not have fever so I prayed that God would help the headache and that I could go to church. God moved and I was able to go. Church is my life and I go to receive a blessing. I have to take a moment to brag on myself. I don't normally do this, but I thought of this and realized it is something to brag about.
My parents started going to the church I attend when I was very young. This September I will have attended Sunday services for 32 years. WOW that is good I think. A person can miss up to 4 Sundays a year, and it will not count against you. When I say count against you that just means you can miss 4 Sundays before you loose the perfect attendance. People get sick and people take vacations, so sometimes you have to miss. I was thinking about how long I have been able to attend, and I think that is a good record to have. I am thankful that God gave me that desire to be in service.
There are many times that I have gone to church feeling like every problem in the world is on my back. Many times I have been going through a strong battle and I did not feel like going to the service, but I pressed.

Hebrews 10:25 declares: "Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching." Faithful, consistent church attendance is required of God's people because God has commanded it.
I understand that sometimes people's job, sickness, vacation, or something out of our control will come up. I just want to make sure I am caught up when those times do come.

I also found out that we get encouragement from the services. If we go into the service with the attitude I am going to worship God and receive a blessing, then God will help us to receive that blessing. I heard one man recently say. "Sometimes we come into the services and all we can think of is how big our problems are. Well when we worship God all we can think is how big our God is."
Don't tell God how big your problem is, tell your problems how big your God is. I thought that was a pretty neat thought. I hope you did not mind my little brag moment. Again, I don't normally do that.

Today I want to thank God for the good day I have had. My head has felt pretty good. I have had more energy and did a few things that I needed to do.
I hope my strength will all come back this week. I have tons of things I need to catch up on.
Yes, blogs is one of those things. I am getting behind on seeing your precious little ones. I try very hard to make sure I visit regularly. If I have not been by your blog and commented the past few weeks forgive me. The days I feel good, I end up over doing it and back down the next day. I will get caught up soon............I hope. Until then blessing to you all.


AlabamaBrands said...

I pray you gain strength every day.
Faithful attendance is a BIG blessing to each of us.
I know how it is to be without a congregation- being in services is like breathing fresh air. I never want to lose that.

FloraBeth said...

What a blessing you are feeling some better. My Papaw use to quote that scripture all the time and he lived by it too...don't know of many times he missed being in service...

mommy24treasures said...

what a wonderful post Denna. I pray your strength is renewed this week and He is your strength.

Karen said...

Wonderful post! I'm praying for you to feel 100% better.... you've been under the weather for too long!

LucisMomma said...

What a great gift to give to your girls, too, to see their momma "pressing on." Congratulations on your 32 years! That's a long time!