Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have been sick for about 6 days now. I have had fever, chills, sore throat, and no energy. My voice is pretty much gone. When people hear me they say "You sound terrible." I have not got much sleep because I have coughed so much. When I lay down I guess the stuff drains to the back of my throat and I wake up coughing my head off. I have a appointment this afternoon, so hopefully some antibiotics and cough syrup will help me out. Brooke also has a nasty cough.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. It was sad not having my grandmother and my Father -in- law to be there with us. My mom had a really hard time with this being the first year with out my grandmother. God helped us through this.

We also had another loss in our family. We found our dog Trevor, a nice home in the country. (so we thought.) We have had many problems with Trevor and we felt we did not have the time or patience to deal with him any more. We have never been able to get close to him. He was always so scared and shy. No matter what we did, he would run and hide. Well the people we gave him to called me and said Trevor got loose and was running like wild, and they could not catch him. I spent several days in the cold, wet, air trying to find him, and that did not help my sickness.
I was sad, that we did not find him. I had rather found him dead, than to never know what happened to him. It just bothers me thinking that he is trying to find us, and he can't. The people lived like 30 minutes from us, so I am not giving up that we will not find him. I have posted some signs. Kevin don't want us to find Trevor. He says he hates feeding a dog that will not let you touch him. My sweet female Sheltie is so lonely. She will howl and cry all the time. It makes me so sad. Ginger will have a new play mate in a couple of weeks, so that helps me a little. I felt in my heart we was doing what was best for Trevor, but maybe I was wrong. Trevor bit Kevin in the summer, and so that made us nervous that he would bite the kids. I was not scared of him. I was the only one who could really pet him. Courtney is praying that Trevor will come home. I can't say that I believe God will do that for her.

Kevin and I will be married 15 years soon. Wow I can't believe how time has went by. We are planning on going away this weekend, but not sure how that will go. We have never left Brooke, and Brooke informed us that she was NOT sleeping at nobody else's house. I finally convinced her that she would have a blast with grandmother and granddaddy, so she agreed to stay there. Of course she thinks that her cousin Austin is going to be there also. Kevin and I are not going to far, because we might have to come back home and get Miss Brooke if she cries all night. I hope she does good. I am a little worried though.

Thursday is my sister's court date. Please pray for us. I get sick when I think about it. I will have to leave Brooke all day on Thursday so I am afraid that is going to make matters worse for Kevin and I leaving this weekend. We are taking the girls to the circus on Friday night. The girls are looking so forward to that.

Well I guess that is all for now.

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