Friday, November 09, 2007

Day 9

Today I want to say I am thankful for two very special friends that I have met through blogging.
I am thankful for Connie .
Many times I have said I wish there was more Connie's in the world. I have known Connie I guess 3 years now. She was a great help to me in our wait for Brooke. We are on the same yahoo group and we both used the same agency. That is how I met her. I think I started blogging first and then she joined. The way her blog looks and all her pictures you would think she had blogged for years. She always does great. Her children's pictures always makes me smile. Connie is one of the kindest people I have ever met. I can remember when I was waiting for Brooke everybody always said when it got close to referral you started spotting ladybugs. LOL I received this package in the mail from Connie with different lady bug things in them. It came at a time when I needed it because I was having a hard time with the wait. My group got cut off by like one day and I was so down because I wanted to go and bring my little girl home.
There was another time in life when things was not going so well. I received a card in the mail from Connie that basically said Thinking of you and wishing you brighter days. It came just when I needed it. Connie is kind to everybody. Many people can testify of things Connie has done for them. I am so thankful that I got to meet Connie. Connie is a very special lady.

I am also thankful for sweet Melanie. I feel like I have known Melanie all my life. We call Melanie our adopted daughter that we don't have yet. LOL Melanie and I talk every day. We have got so close that we are even thinking alike. She will be thinking the same thing I am thinking or I will be thinking the same thing she is. Many times she will ask which picture I like best on something and I will pick the same one she likes. I am constantly seeing things in town and saying "Oh Melanie would like this or that." I think about Melanie everyday, and many times during the day. Melanie is a very kind person. She loves to make people happy. I love the work that she has done for people. I told her that we need to set her a paypal account up and she needs to charge for all her beautiful work. Melanie said she might one day, but for now she just enjoys doing her work as a hobby. She is very good with what she does. She wants it done right, or she will not do it. Many times I will send her a instant message or she will send me one, and she is working on a project for somebody. I have to send her a message to go to bed. That makes her laugh. Like last night she was working on my friend's blog and it was getting late. She had tried for awhile to get it just the way she wanted it. I told her that she needed to rest and work on it again today. I know I sound like her mom, but I worry about her doing to much for people and not getting her rest for school. She finally sent me a message that she was going to bed. I was glad. LOL
The only bad thing about Melanie is she is Oceans away from me, and it makes me sad. One day I was thinking of her and I was so sad. I told her that it was terrible to have a friend that you love so much and they be where you can't see them. Melanie will get her web camera out so we can see her. LOL Now I have to get a web camera so she can see us. I hope one day that it will work out that we can visit each other.
My post yesterday was I was thankful for all my blogger friends. I had to do a special post for Melanie and Connie. Love you guys much.


mommy24treasures said...

oh you are so sweet! what a surprise for you to think of me! I am humbled... You are so kind Denna.
Love you!

Melanie said...

Hey youuu!!! You got me teary eyeeeed!!!
You're so so so so sweet.
Love you lots!
Melanie :-)