Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Two Proud Mommy's

My girls are adopting ONE, of these puppies. Of course they want two, but I said no. They will be ready to come home in about 3 weeks. We have had some major fusses over the names for the puppy. I never new that a two year old could be so demanding and so bossy. The girls got into this name game for their puppy about a week or so ago. Courtney wanted to name the puppy Chester. I wanted to name the puppy Ollie. Well we are discussing names, and Brooke says. I want his name to be Tinkerpot. Of course I was ROTFL, when she said that. Brooke would not change her mind. No matter how many names Courtney and I came up with she said, or yelled "NO, HIS NAME IS TINKERPOT. "
After a week of Ollie, Blazer, Tinkerpot, Chester, Jasper, Poky, Marlie, Scout, Bama, and I don't know how many more, I think they have agreed to name it Bandit. I don't like it, but it is better than some they came up with. Brooke has also decided to name my dads dog. She named him Piggy, and she is not changing it. LOL


LucisMomma said...

LOL! No mention of naming the doggy Aubie?! :) Just had to say that.

RaCeCat said...

I just love the "piggy" one :D