Friday, November 09, 2007

Break my heart

Tonight Courtney had a friend to spend the night. I was in the play room and Brooke comes in and looks so sad. She shrugs her shoulders and says " I wish I had a friend. I wish I had a friend"
I said "Well Sweetie, we will let you have a friend over sometime"
Brooke still looks sad and says " I want Emma."
I said " O.K, when you feel better" (Brooke has been sick with a low fever, cough, stuffy nose.)
Brooke looks so sad and she says " My friend died" (I have no idea why she said that)
I ask her who died and she says "Emma."
I don't know if she dreamed this or if she is just making it up. We don't talk about death in front of Brooke. Emma turned three and is to old for the nursery now, so maybe Brooke thinks something happened to her.
She broke my heart when she looked so sad and said " I wish I had a friend"
I told her we would have her a friend down soon to play. I tried to explain with her being sick she could make her friend sick. I told her I would play something with her. I guess we will play dolls for a little bit.
She will run to Courtney's door and then come crying saying "I want in Courts room"
Courtney has been playing with her a good bit lately, and I think Brooke thinks Courtney's stuff is her stuff.


Melanie said...

Aw, poor Brooke. She really talks like a grown up. I guess you'll have to let her have a friend to sleep over as soon as she gets good again!

AlabamaBrands said...

Maybe you should call Emma- maybe if Brooke is lucky, Emma has the sniffles to and they can sneeze together! :)

mommy24treasures said...

Brooke thinks like a 4 year old~! The things she comes up with are so advanced!

Love the pic below.