Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Short Update

My Indian Girl
The Brand Children
Two cute Indian sisters.
We had some pilgrims also. "Sweet"

Things are going pretty good here. Brooke and I have a cough, that I hope goes away soon. Brooke has had it about a week now. Mine just started last night. Brooke's is worse when she lays down.
The homeschool group had a Thanksgiving lunch last Friday. It turned out pretty good. I was very tired after it, because me and another lady had been doing most of the work to get it ready. The children did posters and brought. I don't have many pictures of that because I was busy having to do other things. (Games) Games is hard to do when the group has so many ages.
I have got a good bit of cleaning done for tomorrow. I still have some to do, but nothing major. Here is a few pictures of the past week.
I might do two post of pictures because I had more than I thought.

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