Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Spiderman VS Princess

This is not a thank you post, but I had to tell this. Brooke has been potty trained for several months now. I think since June. I have been so proud of her. In the beginning of the training I would buy her Dora, or Princess pull ups to wear. During the day she did not have to wear them. I would put her in a pull up at night because I did not want the bed to get wet. I have noticed for the past couple of months that the pull up is always dry in the mornings.
My sister had gave me a box of pull ups that her son never used. I thought that I would use them and not have to buy pull ups for a while. This is the story to the best I can remember.
Me= Time for bed Brooke. Lets put a pull up on
Brooke is all excited because she always likes to look at the princess stars and know that she was a big girl because they would still be on the pull up the next morning. Here comes the new pull up that my sister gave me. They had spider man and the hulk on them. Brooke takes one looks at spider man and she screams. I think seeing this ugly mask on her pull up instead of the pretty princess scared her.
Brooke= I not like spido man. (Brooke always says do at the end of water spider)
Me= Brooke this is all I have. You have to wear them.
Brooke= I wear my big girl panties. (She is crying hysterical at this point) Of course I am thinking she is being stubborn because the pull up is boys. She wanted them off. I made her sleep in them, because I did not have any more Princess ones. Brooke cried for about 25 minutes and screamed "I not like Spido man."
I just did not see the need to buy more pull ups when I have this huge box of brand new ones. Nobody would be seeing them anyway. Brooke slept a couple more nights in them, without screaming. Brooke did ask to sleep in her big girl underwear. I thought about it and decided that is was crazy to make her wear pull ups at night anyway. I mean it has been about two months and they are dry in the mornings. I have let Brooke sleep in her big girl panties for 5 nights. She has done great. She woke us up one night and said she needed to potty.
Last night she woke us up a good bit, because she is sick right now. She has a terrible cough. When she lays down stuff drains down her throat and she gets strangled. She will cough so much that she will almost throw up. Hopefully it is just a cold.
Anyway I had to tell the story about Spiderman VS Princess.
I think the Princess won. ;)


AlabamaBrands said...

Thats a pretty sneaky way to night train her.... :)

Matthew actually potty trained night and day almost immediately too. Thats wonderful!!

Melanie said...

If they made me choice, I'd choice to see disney princess and not "spido man" at night!!!!
It's obviously Denna, how can you change Spido man for Cinderella!!! HUH? LOL