Saturday, February 03, 2007

Would you like to Laugh?

I know you all need a good laugh. Even though you did not see the details that I am about to give you, I know you can imagine it. My dear husband sure got a good laugh.
Tonight I ended up with a broke wrist and nose. Teasing, I think. I don't think they are broke, but they sure do hurt.
I went outside to feed my two Sheltie's. The female is always hyper. She comes bouncing up to me very fast. I step on her foot. She yelps, and I try to move off of her foot. (to fast) We have had some wet weather around here. As I am trying to move fast, my feet slip on the mud. I am sliding, and trying to hold myself up. I did manage not to fall, but my wrist took the beaten. It slammed into the side of the house and felt like it bent. Oh it hurt so bad. It is still hurting. This happened several hours ago.
About a hour ago, Brooke and I was laughing and playing around. She was in my lap and I had her tickle box on. She was laughing, and threw her head at me. My nose caught the beaten. It sounded like it broke. It felt like it was broke. It hurt so bad. Tears came to my eyes. All I could do was put Brooke down and hold my head back with my hands on my nose. I knew blood was going to be everywhere. It did not bleed, but the pain was enough to take my breath away.
Did you enjoy my two funny accidents? It is funny now, but it sure was not at the time.
O.K Kelly, Stop laughing..............You to mom.


Hodge Family News said...

OH MY!!! Bless your heart!!! I hope you are OK soon!


Anonymous said...

I am glad you can laugh about it, but it sounds painful! I hope you recover quickly!
-Amy Heymann

Alabamabrands said...

Man, I'm sorry. What a day!!

Oh, yeah, this is when you use the phrase: "Bless your heart" :)

Kelly said...


((Composes herself))

Oh, Denna, it sounds like you , um ((giggle)), really hurt yourself ((chuckle))....are you ((giggle)) OK?


Actually, truth be known, I've gotten the same nose crushing blow a time or two....and probably from tickling too!

Sorry, Friend! ;)

Ebbie Faith said...

Wow that sounds painful. Hope you are o.k.
I really enjoy your blog and your family.
Thanks for your comments.

JeniBeans said...

Hey, I know how those nose blows can hurt. And I'm not talking about the kind you use with tissue.

Well, maybe I am, since mine DID leave blood all over the floor and running through my fingers. lol The back of a persons head was also the culprit in my case...they're pretty hard, eh?

Sorry to hear you got hurt though. And I hope you are feeling better soon.


Angela said...

I did actually break my wrist by trying to catch my fall, when I was roller skating in the 6th grade. I've heard the best thing to do, is not to try to catch the fall! Your bum can take it better than the wrist!