Thursday, February 22, 2007

Our Old Web Site

Since I have started blogging, I have met many new friends. Many of the ones I have met, are people who are adopting. Many of you guys are paper chasing, many are waiting for your sweet son, or daughter. I know I have helped at least two families to see the beauty of adoption, and they are now adopting from China. I am so thrilled that another child will find their forever family.
I know many of you that I have met, don't know about my web site. I wanted to share it. I know when I was on my journey to Brooke, it helped to read about other people's journey. I never post on this site anymore. I always blog, but maybe there will be something on there you might like to read. If nothing else, click on Brooke's song. It is on the home page at the very bottom. A young man from our congregation wrote this for Brooke. It was a real blessing to us.
Thanks again, Bro. Johnathon. We appreciate you.

Amy, from catchingbutterflys wanted to know about our fun raisers. I don't know if that information is on the web site or not. Like I said, I never go to it anymore. By Amy asking, it brought my mind back to our journey. I can never thank those who donated their time, and money into our journey. I appreciate what each one of you guys did. You was such a blessing to us, and our family. I started thinking about our journey and realized that many of my adoption bloggers have not heard our story. If you are interested then check out the web site. If you want to read about our journey to Courtney, click Courtney. If you want to read our journey to Brooke, click Brooke. If it does not come up right away, you might have to do it several times.
I guess that is all for now. Let me know what you think about Brooke's song.


Alabamabrands said...

Those that know the story best, love to hear it like the rest!!!

It's still a great song!!

Alabamabrands said...

I ashked Ashley why the song said you were "ocean's apart", and she said b/c Jesus wanted you to walk on the water.

Amy said...

Hi, I just want to ask if I can post what you wrote on my comment page and also link your web site.I think your story would really encourage others who need to raise money for adoption! What a great groupp of friends and family you have! What a blessing you adopted your children into a BIG family!!!

Denna said...

Yes, that is O.K with me.

Denna said...

That is sweet Ashley. Believe me, if I could have walked on water and got there faster I would have. God had his perfect time for us.
Love ya, Sweetie.