Saturday, February 10, 2007


Brooke is loving it.


Brooke can spot a McDonald's a mile away. Does this mean we take her to much? LOL
She loves McDonald's. If we ask her where she wants to eat, she says "McDonald's." Kevin ask her what she wanted for breakfast the other day. Her reply was "McDonald's"
I took the girls to the Peeking Acrobats Thursday night. I had to pass two McDonald's. Brooke was yelling "McDonald's mommy. McDonald's" Like I said, she can spot them a mile away.

Courtney has got where she don't like McDonald's. She wanted to go to Burger King the other day, and Brooke started yelling "no, McDonald's" What am I going to do with these silly girls?


Hodge said...

I am with you! Katie Lin says, "Donald's! FRIES FRIES!!!"
When we pass one!


Omaloriann said...

My children all like McDonalds too when they were little.

Alabamabrands said...

We just started playing McDonalds in nursery and she felt right at home!! She opened up and interacted with everyone after that.
I really enjoyed her!