Thursday, February 22, 2007

The room is Done

Before ( I still have my side of the garage)
Being silly

Finished (the room is a 13 x 24)
I am so excited. After about 6 weeks the room is done. YEAH. The guy building it could only work on Saturdays, so it took a little long. I am so proud of my wonderful husband. He wired the room himself. He even did a three way switch. He had never done that before. He put the ceiling fans up. He also ran the gas line for the heater. My husband works at the hospital. Electricity is not his field.
I am so proud of him. He did a GREAT job. He was slower than those who do electrical work, but he got the job done. Kevin's dad dealt with electricity and running gas lines. Kevin had helped his dad in the past some. Kevin also did the painting. The past few weeks have been busy for him. I forgot to take pictures as we went. I will post a few that I do have.
The girls love the room. They have ran, jumped, screamed, laughed, and had a great time in the room. We had to decide what to call this room. We had always called it the garage, because that is what it was. Kevin calls it the den. Courtney calls it her bedroom. Brooke and I call it the playroom. I like playroom, because that is what it is. I always wanted a playroom for my children, and a school room. Thanks to my wonderful husband he did this for me. Of course it was his side of the garage that we made into the room, so Kevin wants HIS garage. We are now starting the process of Kevin a new garage. I know you might think it would have been easier to build a room and kept our garage. We could not. There was no where to start the room, unless we build it connecting to one of the girls rooms. That would not have looked right, going into a bedroom to get to another room. We could have put French doors in our living room and went out the back. The problem with that was we would have had to built over the septic tank or field lines. I am happy with the way we did it, because the room is bigger than the way we had planned. I told Kevin I would probably stay in that room all the time. I know the girls will. They both have been in it most of last night, and today. Courtney wanted to sleep in there. I did not want that, because I have to buy blinds for the windows first. It is really hard to tell how it looks with the pictures. It looks better than the pictures. I can still use my garage. We have a door that goes from the garage into the new room. The floor had to be built up to be even with the house. There are a few steps going from the garage to the room.


Lauren and Ed said...

Looks fabulous! I know you are anxious to get everything settled.

Bonnie said...

Looks really nice,ya'll will enjoy that!

Kelly said...

Alright! What a blessing!

Rook night, here we come!

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Amy said...

Wow! Beautiful!!!Good job!!!

Jaylene said...

YAY for you! Extra room is always nice!