Thursday, February 01, 2007

Better Late Than Never

I took two of my wonderful friends out for their birthdays today. Kelly's birthday was last week. I will not even tell you when Lori's birthday was. I have been planning on taking her out and it just has not worked out. Kelly chose Chinese, so that is where we went. We had a nice time with no children. We all love our children very much, but it sure was nice to be able to sit, talk, relax, and enjoy our food. I forgot how it feels. I don't leave my children much. We are going to have to do this again. Lori and I have Kelly beat in age about 3 years. Lori thought it would be nice to go to a spa for a day of relaxing. It does sound nice. I think the year Lori and I turn 40 we might have to do that. Even though Kelly is three years behind us, she will have to go with us. That is almost 7 years down the road so who knows. I think the year we turn 40 we need to do something. I think it would be nice to go to the Smokeys and rent a cabin for a few days. By that time maybe Brooke want be such a Mommy's girl. I don't know how Kevin would like that. LOL Bless his heart, he is spoiled with me around. I don't know what he would do without me for three days.
I don't want to think to much about 40. Yuck. I have to say 30 was real hard on me. I hated it. I was encouraged that I had a younger husband. LOL
We really did have a great time today. It just went by way to fast.
I love you much, Kel and Lori. ( also little Gabriel. He went with us.He was so good)

Kelly with her burned lip. Bless her heart. She will have to blog about her lip. She really had a rough day yesterday.

Not the best picture. The lady took forever to take the picture. Have you ever had to hold a smile for a minute? Lori had food in her mouth. LOL and Kel, hates having her picture taken. We was wanting the lady to hurry and take the picture and she just kept looking through the screen. Oh well, that is the only one I have.

Lori, Holding Gabriel.


Denna said...

My dear husband just read this post, and he said "The nerve of you talking about leaving me for three days." LOL
I guess we have to take the guys with us, ladies.

JeniBeans said...

Hey Denna.
That was so sweet of you to do that for them.
Jef gave me a gift certificate for a day at a spa here in town. He kept the kids and i made a day of it. It was GREAT!!!
I was 37 weeks pregnant at the time too, so that probably made it 10 times better. I got the works too, let me tell you!

Denna said...

Jen, Email me some time and tell me about it. Where is it?

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