Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Poem By Kevin, to His Dad

Lowell, Kevin, and L.D
Kevin, L.D, and Courtney

The first time to Hold Brooke
L.D in the hospital with his 6 Grandchildren.


In heaven resides a wonderful man
Who, when I was a child, held me by the hand.
He did his best for me back then
He worked hard and he did it with a grin.
A tenth grade education was all he had
He scraped and labored when times got bad.
He did jobs on the side and would not accept defeat
He did many things to make ends meet.
A washing machine here, a dryer there
He fixed them all with tender care.
He taught me about gas lines, electricity and wire
How to work on a switch box without starting a fire.
When evening came and goodnights were said
He always said, "I love you" before I went to bed.
I am no longer a child, now I am grown
I have a wonderful wife and a family of my own.
Lord, please help me. This is my plea
Help me show my children the love he showed me.
Dad became sick a few years ago
He suffered much and it hurt me so.
One year has passed since God eased his pain
He took Dad home with him, forever to reign.
I knew I loved Dad, but not how much
I did not know how I would miss his touch.
On sunny days and on days that are dreary
When I think of Dad, my eyes still get teary.
I keep his picture on the table to view as I pass by
Many days it has made me cry.
I thought a year would make less the pain
But it has only gotten worse, much to my disdain.
I guess, I know why it hurts so bad
I spent thirty one years loving my Dad.
So in one year, I cannot erase
Thirty one years of good memories that stand firmly in place.
I wanted my children to know my Dad
A single grandmother was all I had.
Courtney knew Dad for seven years
When he left us, she shed many tears.
Brooke knew Dad a month to the day
He would set in his chair and watch her play.
He loved his grandchildren and he loved me
He was a wonderful man, don't you see.
I want the world to know I have been blest
When it comes to Dads, I had the best.
Dad is not here, Dad has passed on
I set here and cry, because I feel alone.
Dad, I hope you are having fun up there
In your wonderful new home, way up in the air.
I have a great family to take care of below
I need to stay here and support them you know.
But when you set with Jesus this is my plea
Leave the chair beside you empty....Save it for me.

I love you Dad.
Your son, Kevin


baSfsoGp said...

I missed my Mama more as time went on too.

Lisa said...

What a beautiful tribute to his father. I had to break out the kleenex. It made me cry. My father is in failing health. It really hit home.

Alabamabrands said...


So sweet

Hodge Family News said...

Wow! That is a very special post!
The pictures will always be priceless!

Laurie said...

That was a beautiful poem. Bless your heart!! I will keep you in my prayers. God bless.

Omaloriann said...

What a beautiful poem. Tears flowing, and after 26 and a half years, I still miss my dad.

lori Selena said...

I am sitting here crying. I'm so sorry. I don't feel like I ever properly told you how sorry I am. You have been like a brother to me with our moms being so close and I got so wrapped up in my life and all that I never really cooked yall a meal or did anything ( I did'nt even get to go to the funeral, the kids were sick w/t a virus)I am a terrible friend. Please forgive me. I will be praying that God makes the pain easier. Love and prayers, Lori Selena