Saturday, January 13, 2007

I plan on a better Week

The past week has not been so great. It all started Thursday Night, a week ago. My dad had to have surgery. The Doctor had to work my dad in, so the surgery did not start until 7:00 that night. My mom don't like to drive at night, so I decided I would drive them home. We left the hospital about 10:00. I am used to driving a van. I felt like I was riding on the ground in their car. We leave the hospital and everything looked strange to me. It was raining, and the roads was wet, and the lights on the road looked strange. To top that, my contact was fogged over. Everything looked so blurry. I did not think about this until I was in bed that night. The reason things looked strange to me was I was thinking that I was leaving the hospital where my husband works. It was a different hospital. To get to either hospital you are on the same hi-way. Anyway I could not figure out why the streets looked so weird.
Back to the story. My eyes was really bothering me. I told my parents I was going to have to pull over and wet my contact and see if I could get it to clear. I pull over in front of CiCi's pizza. I pop the contact out, and it vanishes. We could not find that contact. My poor dad was so nervous. My mom had to drive home because the contact that I lost was the one for my bad eye. I am almost blind without them. I was thankful I had a old pair of contacts. The prescription is not the same, but at least I had them. I also had my glasses.
Saturday night I got two hours of sleep, because Brooke was sick. I take Brooke to the Doctor on Monday. The Doctor puts her on steroids because she has a terrible rash. I go to Sams to get the medicine to find out they are out. I then go to Wal-Mart. The lady says they have the medicine, but it will be at least a hour and forty five minutes before it will be ready. They had to go to lunch, and she had to call Brooke's Doctor because she did not understand the prescription. I decided to go back that night and pick it up. I get there to pick the medicine up, and they don't have it, but they ordered it for the next day. I was not happy. They should have called and told me, so I could have found somebody else that had the medicine. I mean I did turn the order in at 11:30 that morning. The lady told me it would be there the next day at 10:00 or 11:00. I go to pick it up the next day and it was not there. They did not know when it would be in. I get the prescription back. I go to a pharmacy close to my house. They are out also. I finally call the doctor and tell him to switch the medicine. He did, and Brooke finally got her medicine. It was terrible trying to get this down her. I had to taste the medicine to see if it was as bad as Brooke was acting like it was. IT WAS. Bitter bitter.
Kevin had bought me a under cabinet radio for Christmas. The CD player did not work on it so we had to get another. I found one at Sears for a GREAT price. I had ordered it several weeks ago. It was suppose to be in on Tuesday. I call, and the truck was delayed. I go Wed. to pick it up. The lady tells me that it did not come in. She calls the main office to be told that they was out of that radio, and did not know when it would be in. :( Why they did not know that when I ordered it, I will never know.
Last night we went to a great play. Many of our friends was there. We had a great time. We even went to McDonalds after the play and enjoyed being with friends.
I came home and was rocking Brooke. I took my glasses off and was rubbing my eyes. I reached to put my glasses on and the crazy lens was out. The glasses had broke. Don't forget, I just lost a contact a week ago. I had to find my old glasses last night. I can't hardly see anything. I did think of several things when the glasses broke. "thank the Lord for Insurance" I have a app. on Monday. I also was thankful I had my old glasses and contacts. I would be in a real jam if I did not have those. SOOOOOOOO that is my week. Surely this week will be better.


Alabamabrands said...

What a terrible week! I'm sorry!

I hate going out of my way for something, only to find out it's not there.
You really should've gotten a call from Walmart!

Karen said...

Oh Denna, when it rains it pours. I'm sorry you've had such a tuff week. I sure hope things are better!

Omaloriann said...

Awe, poor thing. (((DENNA)) Here's to a better week!

Anonymous said...

Sams is bad about being out of medicines. I have tried several times to get presciptions filled and they never have all the meds. that I need, "I'm sorry, we are out of that," why even have a pharmacy if they aren't going to stay well stocked. I'm going to quit getting medicines there. Love ya, Lori