Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A girl has to have a Phone

Brooke loves a phone. She don't care what kind. (cell phone, real phone, fake phone) I would not be surprised any day to have the 911 office call and ask if we have a Emergency. Brooke is always getting my phone and punching numbers. She is so funny because she will talk and talk to Mr. Imaginary friend. I have got to video her doing this. Of course they always stop when you try to video.
My little girl is growing up so fast. I want her to slow down a little bit. Brooke is talking all the time. I am afraid she is going to be like Courtney. I guess I will have to call her chatterbox 2. Brooke melts my heart when she says "Play with me mommy." The bad thing is she says it all day long. She reminds me so much of Courtney. Both of my girls always wanted mommy to play with them. Some days I feel so guilty because I can't play as long as they want me to. Being a homeschool mom really takes away from play time. I am glad I can homeschool Courtney. I don't want her going to public school. I will never forget Bro. Cornwells message on our children being little sponges and they soak up everything they can. I know Courtney would soak up a good bit in public school. I feel it is best to homeschool her for many reasons. I do get tired and feel like it takes a good bit from me. One thing I have had to realize is I can't do everything. If I homeschool I can't have the spotless house. (Unless Kevin wants to hire me a maid) I have to let the toys stay on the floor. Sometimes I feel like I am being pulled in 50 directions. Courtney needs mommy time, Brooke needs mommy time, the house needs cleaned, beds need made, furniture needs dusting, husband need me, meals need cooked, and the list goes on. I am very thankful for my children. At least I have children to play with all the toys on the floor. I have food to eat so it is nice to have dishes to wash. I have furniture so of course it will need dusting. I have a wonderful husband to talk with, and tell him about my day. Speaking of husbands I think I have the best. He is so good to me. I have always wanted a extra room in our house. A room that I could use for a play room or school room. Kevin decided that he wanted me to have that. He is adding a room on for us all to enjoy. (13x24) I am so excited about my room. I told Kevin we will probably stay in that room more that any other room. It will be nice to have a school room. Brooke will be able to play while we do school. Brooke will not play in her room unless I am in there with her. Maybe this will help her to enjoy her toys. I will post pictures when it gets done. It will take a few weeks. The man that is building it can only work on Saturdays.
Well I did not mean to have a long post. I was only going to post pictures of Brooke and her phones. She also likes shoes. You should see the pictures of all the shoes she puts on.


Karen said...

I can soooo relate. We homeschool too. All of our little ones LOVE pretending on the phone. Ok...and our 17 dd is on the real phone a lot too :-)
Thanks for sharing, at least we aren't alone...

Hodge Family News said...

KL also LOVES the phone!!! GIRL THING!
Brooke is soooooooo beautiful!!

Alabamabrands said...

Make sure you have plkenty of phones when Sadie comes over!!
She's always getting the phone and pushing buttons!

Denna said...

We have plenty of phones around here. Sadie, Brooke, and Emma was so sweet together the other night. I have some cute pictures of them if I can ever get them downloaded.