Thursday, January 25, 2007

I forgot to Mention

I forgot to mention in yesterday's post about the gas. I kept smelling gas. I told Kevin he needed to check and see how much we had left in the tank. He said I checked the other day and it was on 45%. I found it strange that we have not had to fill our tank up, but at the beginning of the Winter. Yesterday, as I was baking the cake, the smell of gas was so strong. I told Kevin again. He goes and checks the tank again. It is still on 45%. He knew that was not possible. He taps the gage, and the gage goes all the way down to zero. :( The gage had been stuck.
Kevin calls the gas company and they said that they was just in our area that morning, and did not know when they was coming back. :(
So I am praying that this little bit of gas that is in the tank will be supplied like the oil in the bible.
We made it through last night, and still are O.K this morning. Tonight is suppose to be very cold.
I said, at least we have a bunch of good friends and relatives we can stay with, if the gas goes completely out. I did do a post a couple of days ago, about thinking positive in a bad situation.


Sister Mitchi said...

Who do you buy your gas from?

I get mine from Dowdle and they have always given me GOOD SERVICE in the past. (They've changed hands.) I've had that happen to me a couple times and they come right on out.

Denna said...

We use Golden Propane. They are sometimes hard to work with. I called this morning and they still would not tell me much.
We had already pre-paid with them, so I don't want to call anybody else. We may have to if they don't bring us any today.

Jaylene said...

When Mom had first moved out on her own, she smelled gas and went outside and she was on zero. She didn't have enough money or anyone to borrow money from to get more gas, so all she had was prayer. She prayed that God would take care of the situation, and when she got home from work the next day she noticed that she didn't smell gas. When she went outside and checked her tank it was on 10%. No one had bought gas for her, God took care of her tank! So be encouraged, he can keep you from running out.

Denna said...

Jaylene, that is encouraging. It is suppose to be cold tonight. I know it is very low, because I smell gas so strong. The gage says zero, but we still have heat. Thank the Lord!!!