Wednesday, January 24, 2007

One of those days....Kelly

Well today was one of those days you don't want to repeat. I went to Wal- Mart to buy Brooke's birthday gift and they did not have it. I then went to Toysarus. I wanted to buy Brooke a little car that she can sit in and we push it. It is made by Step 2. Toysarus was out of them. If Toysarus is out then I might as well forget buying it for her. I ended up with a riding toy, but not what I wanted.
I came home and decided I needed to bake her cake and get it in the freezer so I could ice it. ( I heard it is easier to decorate this way) The lady that normally bakes cakes for us is out of town. I decided that I would bake Brooke a Cake and try to decorate it myself. I have decorated one before, but that was years ago. I was going to do Brooke a Barney cake. I baked the first cake and poor Barney's arm came off when I took the cake out of the pan. I decide to bake another cake. Well I thought it was the same type cake mix that I just used, so I just did it the same way. When the cake batter did not look right I discovered that one cake was butter cake and the other was classic yellow. The one I was doing called for 1/3 cup of oil. I had put a whole stick of butter in it. I had to go to the store and buy another cake mix. I came home and baked it. This time poor Barney had no eyes, or any description to help me ice him. I always thought the third time was a charm. I finely decided that cake decorating is not for me. I called Wal-Mart and ordered a Barney cake. I am sure somebody that knew what they was doing could ice Barneys arm back on and make him look as good as new. As for me, I am sick of looking at the Barney Cake. I guess I could always do cupcakes. LOL

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JeniBeans said...

Aww Denna. I can totally picture that happening to me. Although I'm not too sure I would have even made it to the second cake. If I goof the first I will probably give in. Kroger makes it too easy to do since they are just right around the corner anyway. LOL

Sorry it was such a non-funnish day for you.

It's Barney's fault.

I've disliked Barney ever since he first came out. I never allowed Brad to have ANYTHING that was Barney (not that he cared either way) and hated it when I had to take him to school and first thing in the morning all the little kids were right there in the center of the room watching...what else? BARNEY. So, since I don't like him (shhh, don't tell Brooke) I'm blaming it on him.

It's just like him to try and be difficult by making his arm fall off.